• Faster PlasterT is tough; it has a tear strength of over 135 lbs. in
both directions.

• Medium duty Wall Liner 605 is 33 mil. thick; Heavy duty 609 is 50 mil. thick.

• Using ETMS 191 Method 5100, the breaking Loads (lbs) are: Warp 139 lbs and Filling 136 pounds.

• The Supported Impact Resistance (lbs) per ASTM-C35 (12) tested over gypsum board with void directly over impact area: Wall Liner 80 in. lb. ft. +

• Fire Hazard Classification -- using ASTM-E84 and product applied with proper adhesive and according to instructions provided with the adhesive, both Wall Liner 605 and 609 were rated flame spread Class A, fuel contributed zero, and smoke developed zero.

• The New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and building Code (Article 15, Part 1120): products were accepted and recorded under DOS file -09950-880725-1001; results included ASTM (E84) Flame Spread Rating Class A, Hologen Content -- Fluorine 0%; Chloring 0%; bromine 0%.

Faster Plaster
Technical Specifications

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