1. REMINDER: For conformance to specifications, Flexi-Wall's Adhesive #500 must be used for the application process. Do NOT allow the adhesive to freeze.

2. Critical product technical and related specifications:
- Impact resistance: 80+ lb/f
- breaking load: 134+ lbs.
- Tear strength: 14.12+ lbs.
- Tensile strength: 375 psi
- Compression strength (dry): 11,000 psi
- Normal consistency: 28 - 32 cc
- Average setting expansion: 0.16 %
- Maximum setting expansion: 0.20 %
- Surface hardness: 160 deg.
- Manufacturing dimensions: Each finished roll is 4 ft. wide
by 96 ft. long, and thus covers 384 sq. ft. The weight of a single roll is 75 - 85 lbs.

3. Lead paint abatement
In 1996 and again in 1998, the State of Connecticut Dept. of Public Health, under their "Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program", approved Flexi-Wall's Plaster in a Roll (TM) as an encapsulant for lead paint. An encapsulant is a specific coating that is made to be a long-lasting barrier over lead paint. Connecticut did not add any installation requirements that exceed those specified by

4. Cost comparison -- Removal of lead-based paint from concrete block walls compared to use of Plaster in a Roll (TM) as an encapsulant

Using the 1997 "National Construction Estimator" as a standard,
Flexi-Wall completed this analysis. Using a baseline surface area
of 5,000 sq. ft. for both calculations, the REMOVAL process (including waste disposal) estimate totalled $16,500. However, the lead paint is simply removed and the wall is still unfinished. Encapsulation of the lead paint with Plaster in a Roll (TM) Classics product resulted in a total cost estimate of $5,300 for a finished wall and ready-to-use area. If Anti-G coating is required, a two-coat application is estimated to add $900. Furthermore, Flexi-Wall's solution has features that include: no toxic waste to dispose of, occupation of adjacent areas is acceptable during installation, and the area may be totally occupied within 24 hours.

Plaster in a Roll
Technical Specificifications

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